Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Illustrating for Children

I haven't really done a lot of children's book illustration but I'm not sure why I'm a bit known for it.

I do know that I DO enjoy drawing and designing for children - and it did start with children's books. From children's books, the jobs grew into shop design, products and several theme parks for kids!

When I first designed a theme park (it was quite big), I wondered whether I'd be daunted - I decided not to be. I literally thought of the project as a giant pop up book - and out came "Glico's Great Adventure".

I remember then, I had a giant "giraffe having tea" mural at the Glorietta 2 and at the top most floor was our mini indoor theme park.

When I illustrate or design for kids, I don't really have the kids or "target market" in mind - most often, I do it for myself . I draw and design what I like (it's a very selfish process).

A great organization of Illustrations for children is the Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK) - there's a link here. I'd like to think that Philippine children's books have improved due to INK, various publishers, authors, storytellers and book sellers. I remember during my youth, most books had blonde blue eyed characters.

Can someone live off illustrating for children in the Philippines? Maybe not but I know it makes us INK members happy!

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