Tuesday, February 10, 2009

papemelroti greeting cards

Originally, these illustrations were not made for papemelroti - they were meant to be "dividers" for a planner - I'm not sure if it were for the San Miguel Corporation or something. In any case, the project didn't push through - a blessing in disguise.

These illustrations are now being used for various papemelroti products - notebooks / blank greeting cards / calendars, my line of shirts and all sorts of other things!

I do love to design / create and illustrate things that are Filipino - we have such a colorful and interesting culture and I like showing that through my work.

I made the drawings with watercolor , acrylic, colored pencils, old magazine / newspaper clippings and - bus tickets!!!! I love how bus tickets look!


  1. hi, robert. i bought lots of your cards. I love them so much. sana merong larger prints para pang frame sa walls. finally I learned who the artist is. i've been wanting to ask your permission a long time ago because I wanted to use your card illustration on my blog. kaya lang i didn't know who the artist was. I hope you don't mind that i used your illustration on my blog.you can check it out (www.chiquibaylon.net) I can just take it off if you don't want me to use it. i'll be so sad though. really really luv your work. in fact i had your card copied and enlarged so i can frame it. birthday ng nanay ko sa saturday. I'm gonna give it to her as a gift.

  2. I may be tooo late to say this but I LOVE LOVE your Filipiniana drawings. Your designs make me want to visit Papemelroti, and buy your stuff everytime I have a chance :3 Thanks for your wonderful work, as an artist...you are an inspiration! :)